Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping in the United States is a flat $1 per order, or free if you spend $25 or more.


I have a retail store and would like to stock these, do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes – please contact for more info and wholesale pricing.


Do you print these on plain white sticker paper?

No – these are actually machine-cut from solid-color vinyl sheets.  So if you have a dark-colored decal and it gets chipped and scratched over the years, it won’t show the white vinyl underneath, as these are a solid color all the way through.  Two-color designs are produced with two solid-color pieces layered together.


Can I send one of these as a gift?

Yes – simply enter the recipient’s mailing address during checkout, instead of your own.  There’s a thank-you letter included in each package with the website URL, but pricing is not shown anywhere.


I see a design I like, but want it in different colors than I’m seeing on your site.

No problem!! Email with the item name and the color(s) you would like.  You’ll then be instructed to order the item as-is from the store, but a note will be attached to your order so it’s manufactured in the custom color(s) requested.  There are no extra fees or charges for custom colors.

Click here to view all 26 color options.


My city isn’t listed here.  Can I get a decal with the cutout heart over my city?

Of course!  Simply email with your city and state, and the color you want (or colors, if you want a 2-color decal).  1-color decals are $5.99 each and 2-color decals are $9.99 each.


Are these made in the United States?

Yes – all decals are manufactured and packaged in Bellingham, Washington, USA.


How do I apply these decals to my window or laptop?

Vinyl window decals are a little different than your typical peel-and-stick stickers, but will last longer, hold up in any weather, and provide higher material quality and glossier, more vibrant colors.  There are quick, easy instructions on the back of each decal’s packaging showing how to apply these decals.  You can also hop over to YouTube and find countless how-to videos showing how to apply these vinyl transfer decals to windows, laptops, and more.


Can you make me a decal of the Seahawks logo?

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard this question.  I cannot reproduce any copyrighted designs – this includes MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL logos, or any design that you don’t own.

Custom logo decals can be ordered, but the person ordering needs to be authorized to use the logo.  If you’re in charge of merchandise for a coffee shop, minor league sports team, etc., contact for more info on a wholesale order of logo decals.


Do these come in retail packaging?

Yes – every decal comes in full retail packaging, so you can give it as a gift and it looks no different than one you would purchase in a retail store or gift shop.


Didn’t see your question answered here?  Email and you’ll get an answer as soon as possible!