The LeMaster Graphics Store is an extension of LeMaster Graphics, a graphic design and marketing business in Bellingham, WA.

My name is Hayden LeMaster, I’m the owner/operator of LeMaster Graphics.  While I enjoy building websites, company branding packages and social media marketing campaigns, I’m always looking for new ways to provide valuable products and services to my customers.  So in early 2016, I started sketching out some sticker designs, bought some decal manufacturing equipment, and the LeMaster Graphics Store was born!

Every decal sold in the LeMaster Graphics Store is manufactured right here in Bellingham, WA.  Whether you’re buying a single decal for the back window of your Jeep or Subaru, or you’re ordering 300 decals for your retail store, you’ll get the exact same handmade quality in every single decal.  Every vinyl decal in this store is machine-cut from a sheet of solid-color adhesive vinyl material, and 2-color designs are hand-layered from two precision-cut sheets.

There are 26 material colors available, and any decal on this site can be done in any of these colors (or for 2-layer products, any combination of two colors).  Please email LeMasterGraphics@gmail.com if you’d like to order a decal in a custom color.

Feel free to contact LeMasterGraphics@gmail.com with any questions about this business or its products.  I look forward to sending you some awesome decals and helping you to represent your hometown with style!